We specialize in generational wealth using Tax strategies that promote people to reach their financial goals for their families and future generations.

Prophet Noble Drew Ali

Our team of Elite Specialist show you the value of owning land and the possibilities of construction building by adding wealth to your families and future generations 

We have a heavy population of youth that don’t understand wealth building or the process. With discipline,consistency and education, we can create a new generation of order and peace. While technology is taking over,our youth will completely lose there history and value how land is vital to any business, and many generations to come. 

“He taught us a lot about friendship and all the things you can accomplish as a team.”

Ben Yahweh 

our story 

We always seem to have a special person quite unforgettable like Jimmy for instance jimmy was behind on his mortgage headed to foreclosure we saved his home rebuild his credit and now he’s back on the path to home equity building with dedication and consistency Jimmy has over $235,000 in home equity.

Ericka Brown   Elite Taxes & Investments